This blog is solely crafted and curated by myself, Ryan Tobias.  I’ve lived in Ann Arbor most recently for just a year and a half, first on the Old West Side and then my wife and I moved to Burns Park in the summer of 2015.

I’m a proud University of Michigan grad (BA 2005) who moved to Chicago and spent 9 years developing my career in real estate after my time at UM.  I had always wanted to return to Ann Arbor, it was the one place I had lived where I felt most at home.  My wife is also from Michigan and after we married in 2014, we excitedly packed our bags and moved to what will hopefully be our forever home.

I work in real estate, primarily in a brokerage capacity, and rarely here in the area.  I sell student housing assets around the country (think ArborBlu or Landmark here in town) so my interest here locally is pure passion.  I do hope to get involved in some real estate development projects here in town, so if you have any opportunities, please drop me a line!

My day job:





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